Budgets only restrict how much money you can spend.

Not how much creativity you can get.

Do you think that makes any sense? Shooting Fish Communications – the boutique creative agency – believes that there is no project too big or too small.

Your budget only limits the total marketing or branding money you can spend, but that doesn’t mean that you get low quality creatives if your budget doesn’t fit. Speak to us today on your budget and let’s get that creative campaign going!

Founded in 2001, the boutique creative agency is well loved for its transparent creative fees, quick turn around and simply raw creative power.

The gang at shooting fish communications
ASPAC 2018 Award

Meet the founder, Anthon Kiong,
a.k.a. SuperAK.

SuperAK – a nickname fondly given by his colleagues in days long past, he was the go-to person when it comes to font names, pantone colour codes or just a nudge to perfect a copy.

Anthon Kiong graduated from Lasalle College of the arts during the good old Goodman Road days, worked with various advertising and creative agencies and was also an academic director in a local design school for 10 years writing curriculum and sharing his creative knowledge with hungry students. He has also won packaging, photography and graphic design awards as a creative practioner.

Anthon has over 25 years of industry experience and is extremely well versed in creative, copy, photography and well, selling. Connect with him via Linkedin to help him grow his network.

Let’s create something awesome today.

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